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Originally Posted: 2005-06-22 12:43pm

RE: Am I really that broke...

The Vancouver poverty scale, by yearly income:

$100k-80k: Poor. You can barely afford your studio Yaletown apartment. You have to shop at Choices instead of Urban Fare. Your dog gets groomed at the budget Dog Shoppe. When you meet your friends for lunch, you're embarassed because you have to go back to work afterwards, while they go shopping.

$79k-60k: Abjectly poor. You can't even afford to live in Yaletown, but you lie and say your Howe St. apartment is in "West Yaletown". Safeway gets your grocery business, and you can't even afford the expensive european cheeses. You have a pet goldfish, but he doesn't eat too well.

$59-40k: Really fucking poor. You share your 1 bedroom West End apartment with a roommate you found on Craigslist. You've never even been to Urban Fare, and the security guard at SuperValu watches you suspiciously to make sure you don't steal a roast chicken as you leave. The only pet in your life is the heavy petting that you do down at Seymour and Davie for a little extra cash.

$39k and less. No one makes less than this. It's just not possible. You'd be dead by now. Or even worse, like living in Chilliwack.

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