Originally Posted: 2005-06-02 12:04pm


So I swim laps at the Y-Dub downtown and I’ve noticed several odd things about people...

The other weekend I see another young female getting ready for her swim while I was getting ready to leave. She’s got a little string bikini on, so I’m thinking she’s pulling a sauna or steam room day. But no….. I’m watching out of the corner of my eye while I dry my hair… she puts on a swim cap AND goggles. hrm.. I tried to validate this with, Okay, so she’s taking a dip in the pool and doesn’t want chlorine eating her hair, and the goggles, well, no one likes their eyes to burn. But REALLY, I can say I’m not an avid swimmer, but I do my fair share of 750-1000m each time, and if you do laps in the pool, why would you wear a string bikini??? The bathing suit that allows for minimal movement and shifting of body parts?!?!?? It’s beyond me. I’m actually curious how she managed to pull off a front stroke.

Every w/e and the occasional after work session, I see a lady walk in like we’re at Skybar or Balthazar on a Sunday. That’s not the problem. The problem ISN’T even that she comes in with those RIDICulous stiletto flip flops (no, I don’t like them… but that’s only on me, just don’t ever ask me if I like the pair you’re wearing). The problem isn’t her insanely put-together matching workout outfit. The problem is when she slips out of those stiletto flip flops and into FLAT flip flops, then treks up the stairs to the workout rooms. What?? Do I even need to point out what’s so bizarre here?? One can only assume she doesn’t a) run b) lift weights c) move her feet!?!??

My coworker. Don’t get me wrong, I adore her because she reminds me of my mom. But I get a good laugh when I see her back at lunch at 1230, and she tells me she’s already gone for a swim. She’s not the endurance/speed type of person, more like the breaststroke lady that doesn’t like to get her hair wet. It humors me that she probably raises her heart rate more from changing quickly than from the actual swimming. But I applaud her exercise.

And this, guys and dolls, is the best. The ladies that stand around doing everything else but getting dressed. I’ve had the privilege of running into several of these that use the HAIRDRYERS to dry their nether regions!!!! Gross!!! To know that the hairdryer that I used might have come within a couple millimeters, or hell, probably touched that impenetrable forest of your pubes, is really disturbing. Don’t you own a TOWEL??!? And the fact that you just came out of the shower doesn’t really help, because from the looks of it, you don’t even venture there to wash it yourself. Really, are you trying to hide some garden nomes in there?? Please, please don’t taint the rest of the hairdryers. For my sanity.

Maybe this was too much info on the innards of the ladies change room. This wasn’t so much a rant as just some things that make me wonder what people are thinking.

On a side note, will someone turn down/off the A/C in this office so I don’t have to wear a freaking sweater when it’s actually 20 degrees out?!?

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