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Originally Posted: 2006-09-12 4:19pm

Furniture Shopping Around the World with Craigslist

• It’s a Sleigh Bed not “slay bed”. That would be a very bad advertising point.
• Your dining set is Wrought Iron, not “rod iron” and definitely not “rot iron”.
• You originally purchased your lovely lamps at Saks 5th Avenue, not Sac’s. I think they sell something entirely different there.
• I’m pretty sure your antique dresser has a pickle finish (whatever that is) and it’s fabulous rather than the “pickel finish in Fabulas condition” that you claim.
• “Couch in good condition no rips or tears” is to furniture what “quaint cottage” is to real estate.
• Having more than 7 exclamation points following your lovely item’s description or TYPING IN ALL CAPS does not make it any more valuable.
• Calling something a bargain does not make it so.
• They’re not chester drawers… it’s a chest of drawers.
• “Distressed wood”, “Retro”, “Period piece” “Shabby chic” and “Authentic vintage” = really ugly, ca.1972.
• “Really well built” and “very well made” = really very ugly.
• “Must Sacrifice” = gambling debt.
• “Selling only because I am moving” = gambling debt.
• “If time weren't of the essence I would want $750 for everything but since I have to leave pretty soon the first person with $300 who can pick it all up gets it!” = gambling debt.
• What you paid for it originally really and truly has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on what we are willing to pay for it now.
• There’s no such thing as a China Hut. Well, of course a dwelling in China or an establishment that sells dishes but I’m pretty sure you meant “hutch”.
• We don’t care what it’s selling for on Ebay. If it were true, wouldn’t you be selling it on Ebay?
• “My loss is your gain” = Good riddance.
• FYI: You cannot be over the age of 25 and go to school or obtain training of any kind. (“You pick it up and it's free to any college student, otherwise $100 for everyone else. If you are 25+ years old, you are NOT a student.”)
• “Kewl” = cool. If you are 25+ years old, you will NOT understand this.
• “This piece would work with any décor” = except yours.
• For $2000 you can have “WOW! A BEAUTIFUL INDOOR WATERFALL- A VACATION IN YOUR HOME....!!!!!” Or, you can take a 2 week actual vacation in Hawaii.
• Photos very rarely “do this item justice” and taking pictures that do is apparently not an option.
• People in South Carolina seem to have a much better grip on what a used couch is worth than people in LA, NY or Vegas.
• Used Ikea furniture only sells in areas where there is no actual Ikea store.
• Apparently since Ikea originated in Sweden, there is no furniture for sale on CL Sweden.
• Everything in every European house was bought at Ikea.
• “This double bed is not for couples to sleep in full time, though we did for four months.” Well, screw you we’re buying your bed and doing it anyway!
• Classic definition of pushing your luck: “I am looking for a living room set. I would prefer black leather but a dark green or burgundy would do as well. Preferably just the sofa and love seat. I am on a very limited budget and I would also be interested in the same colors in material. Ideally I would like it to be like a Elran but I know I am pushing my luck.”
• “Willing to let it go” = Please, please get this thing out of my house.
• Is “disused office furniture” unused or misused…?
• “New” is to furniture you’ve brought home as “Used” is to a car you drive 2 miles off the lot
• “Rediculous couches” apparently actually means a really good deal, not silly seating.
• “Beautiful framed art” = always framed, sometimes art, rarely beautiful.
• “No Idiots please!” and “PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE STUPID OR CANNOT FOLLOW DIRECTIONS” = CL virgin- take advantage.
• Gateleg tables and fainting couches are real things, and breakfront is not a misspelling of breakfast.
• Can a credenza be sexy? Evidently, yes, in San Diego, ooh-la-la for only $50.
• $5 for a cedar chest originally purchased in 1947- now THAT’S a deal- even in 1947!

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