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favorite this post To the tailgating cop who ruined my blowjob on the QEW

Look, it's been a few years since I've dated a girl willing to even consider giving head while I'm driving. I didn't think this one would even take me seriously. In fact, _I_ didn't even take the suggestion seriously, but I made a joke about it and she got a gleam in her eye and told me to take off my jacket.

I was a little uneasy because some asshole in a station wagon had been tailgating me for a minute for two, but I figured, "Fuck him. Let him watch. He's practically in the back seat as it is." So down she goes. I just can't believe this is really happening.

All of a sudden, the guy behind me decides he's been waiting to pass long enough. He pulls up beside me and matches my speed and I make eye contact with him, feeling just a little bit smug.

Then he flashes his fucking badge at me. And I see the uniform hanging behind him that says POLICE on the fucking sleeve. Suddenly I'm not so happy.

I mentioned this to the girl who was laying across the gear shift at the time, and- understandably- she promptly sits up. My once-every-five-years bliss ends early, but it becomes a tale for the ages. The cop sped off. I guess it's a good thing he was in a hurry to get somewhere.

My MC: Next time could I at least get a written warning so I have proof?

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