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favorite this post Craigslist women won't miss you either - w4m

You wrote:
You know what I had a bunch of email in my inbox today from
allsorts who replied to my two craiglist ads and I decided
to deleted the whole god damm lot this morning! I was thinking
about all the woman I met on craiglist, and the words, fat, ugly,
un sexy, crap dressers, bi sexual, whores, stupid , boring, and
rude come to mind!

Wow. That's a shame. You must be one of those svelte, well-dressed, incredibly educated men who we only dream about - we fat, ugly, bi chicks with no fashion sense. Who whore. Tell me, did you let your dates know what you really thought of them? Because if you did, perhaps that's why they were "rude" to you.

You continued:
Everyone has has fit into one of those categories. I met
15 fucking people, jesus, I give up. Only one girl did I
like, and she had a boyfriend she lived with an ommitted
to tell me that, so I should ad Liars to the list too!

Sorry you got lied to. 15 people is a rather small sample of the CL pool. You might want to ask yourself why you didn't like these women - other than the lying thing, which is totally unacceptable. Did your ad state "no bisexuals"? Did you ask for a picture before meeting? If you were upfront with your desires and still met incompatible women, well, keep trying. On the other hand, if you wrote one of those vague ads that said nothing about what you really wanted, then you have only yourself to blame.

You further pontificated:
I am a handsome, 33 year old, 6,1 and honestly I can get
better, I have in the past, and I would rather be single
that meet any more shitty woman

That's good. Here's hoping you do well. One tip: most women (especially here on CL) prefer men who can spell, use punctuation, and have basic grammar skills. If English is not your first language, consider hiring a tutor. If English is your native tongue, I shudder to think of what private school spat you out. (I assume you went to private school, yes? You're so handsome, and picky.)

Your spewage went on:
Oh bye the way San Francisco sucks big time, no social scene
and everyone has there fucking guard up!

What part of the Bay Area do you live in that you can't find a social scene? Pick up a newspaper. Most of them are free or cost an entire $0.25. There are a million things to do around here on any given day - you can go to the beach, you can hit a museum, you can do lines in the basement of the seediest hotel in the Tenderloin. Whatever suits your fancy, Jack. But don't bitch that there's nothing to do around here, simply because you can't find someone who can stand you long enough to go out with you.

And I'm not surprised that people you meet have *their* guard up. Even via email your arrogance and misogyny is startling. Most people around here are willing to talk, but not to someone who treats them with contempt.

You finally stopped talking:
No it aint me, cause if I went to New York, I bet it
would be different!

I bet it would be too, and I encourage you to move. The survival rate is much lower, for starters. Don't forget to look both ways before crossing the street. Oh, and good luck dealing with New York women. (You think *we* have attitude?)

If you didn't get my point so far, honey: yes, it is you.

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