Originally Posted: 2005-06-28 11:03pm

Available - one grumpy-ass cat.

Available - one grumpy-ass cat. Obtained from the splendor of the San Francisco SCPA's Taj Mahal Adoption Center. Lived with us for over four years before the peeing problem began in earnest. She's also pretty fat. The fat doesn't inhibit her vocal cords at all. Your neighbors will be like co-owners as they are all awakened by her incessant early-morning yowling. She brings a neighborhood together.

One cool thing is that she doesn't pee outside her box exclusively. She clearly likes her box just fine, because she uses it every day, she just enjoys the occasional squat elsewhere. Usually on dress pants, or a nice rug. She has all of her shots, as well as two recent physical exams to ensure the peeing problem is not physiological. You can be assured that it's entirely a behavioral issue. The pricey anti-urine smell-covering enzymes don't do much either, although it'll cost you a pretty penny to confirm that for yourself!

She comes with a few toys she likes to bang against the floor at 5am and some blankets and towels she's managed to crap up nicely. Also half a bag of the one very expensive brand of dry cat food that doesn't make her barf on the couch or carpet. Finally, you get several books on cat behavior with lots of advice on how to modify your lifestyle to accommodate the furry pisser who has invaded your home. Surely there is a cat lover out there who enjoys a challenge as well as the sense of excitement each morning as you scour your home for the location of the previous evening's deposit of cat urine.

I forgot to mention that she's free. Hurry to email - first one here gets her. And we're locking the door after you leave.

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