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favorite this post Emotional fuckwit seeks cute smart rich tall guy with a house for LTR.

So, I read my competition in the w4m section and apparently i am either competing against a bunch of hot, brilliant, athletic, rich, emotionally stable girls... and i thought, "Fuck..." So I thought I would address each of these 5 categories individually...

hot: so my ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend thinks i'm cute in a girl-next-door sort of way. my ex-boyfriend thinks i am fucking adorable (direct quote - even when he wasn't trying to get in my pants). hot-or-not thinks i am a 7.9. I think i am sort of normal. I mean, I *was* the girl no one dated in high school. I'll send a pic if you respond and aren't creepy. You can decide for yourself.

brilliant: well, i graduated from college with 2 majors in 3 years and a 3.7 GPA. Then I got my masters in Cog Sci. Now I work in gov't research. If i was really smart I would have done computer science or something that actually pays well. so really, i got the geeky part of brilliant without the money part. I say, "Fuck" again.

athletic: well, when most guys say they are looking for someone who is athletic, they mean they want someone who can walk more than 2 blocks and isn't fat. i fit this category. i'm 5'9" tall and 150 lbs. This doesn't make me stick-insect thin. you can't see my ribs from behind. this ALSO doesn't make me athletic. if you are looking for someone who can bench press you, you are not looking for me. i don't generally do team sports (no naked beach volleyball). You say "fuck". I just smile.

rich: i support myself. i have a car, an apartment (no roommates), a dog, a cat, i eat things other than ramen. i have a 401k, and a pension plan, etc. i have paid off most of my student loans, and i don't have any credit card debt. unfortunately, my car isn't stylish, my apartment is sort of ghetto (it has a room i refer to as the bitchen (1/2 bathroom, 1/2 kitchen)), my clothes didn't cost $700 dollars, and I didn't just spend 60 bucks on a manicure. Your friends might not be impressed. You say "fuck" again.

emotionally stable: ummm.... i'm not even going to address that here, but lets just say "fuck, yet another category where i can't compete with all these hot, brilliant, athletic, rich girls".

Ok, since I just realized that I can't compete with all the other girls on craigslist. I guess I won't make you be cute, smart, rich, tall AND have a house. Just aim for 4 out of 5.

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