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I was the girl your wife was going down on when you came home - w4m

I don't know where else to post this. It seems like the most logical place. So, here we go:

Me: intelligent, fun and stunning bisexual that has always kinda been around since I am the younger sister of the best friend.

her: breathtakingly beautiful bisexual... your wife....

YOU: tall, funny, big-brother type who walked in on your wife going down on me when you came home from a long night.

I would like to first off apologize for my reaction to you walking in. If I had known for sure that it was just you, I wouldn't have been so quick to cover up all my goodies. I am smart enough to realize that if your wife has been tasting it, it is only fair that you get to see it.

Second, I would like to explain why there was no hand of welcome extended out to you:

1. I was supposed to have left to pick my brother up about 20 minutes before you walked in.(What can I say? I was sidetracked...)

2. you had a friend waiting for you in the livingroom.

3. you looked like you wanted to punch me in the face.

Under normal circumstances I would have simply asked you if you wanted to join in.... to be honest, reason 2 wouldn't have stopped me, reason 1 was just a minor setback, and well.... reason 3 was the real deal-breaker on that one. Reason 3 explains why I quickly put on my pants, grabbed my purse, and left the house without saying goodbye to you.

So, ok, things have cooled down a bit. Me and you are back to our normal retardedly witty banter, and since then me and your wife haven't done anything.... ok well.... we have had a few make-out sessions, and I may or may not have had my hand down her pants the other night.... but there has been no sex. (not for my lack of teasing-slash-trying... but I mean... you have seen your wife, and you know how awesome she is~can you really blame me?)

I know she has been with other girls in the past, and it never bothered you before. But maybe it was because this time it was at home, and maybe it was because this time it was with me, and there are real feelings there, and it isn't just about the sex....

But I promise I am not trying to steal her away. I don't even want to make you fully share~our work schedules are as such that I can be with her while you are at work, and you don't have to miss any time with her at all!!!

So please, please, please, PLEASE give her permission to be with me again. (....and again and again and again...) because, well... it is SO hard to find a girl[or guy]with the same dating goals and ideals as me, and me and her have this connection that is just like.... well I can't even explain it.

And sweetheart, I *PROMISE* that the next time you walk in on us, I won't cover anything up. I will give you a great display of myself&my goodies,then look you straight in the eye, and ask you why your clothes are still on. Yeah, it may be a little awkward since I have always had little sister status, but I think once you get in the mix of things you will forget all about my relatives.

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