Originally Posted: 2005-04-26 12:35pm

Rave: The obnoxious music-blaster and Mr. Megaphone

So it's 7AM last Thursday morning, and a very obnoxious guy in a pickup is parked at the corner of Haight and Central blasting his teen pop music out his windows as I'm walking by. Just as I pass, I hear a girl's voice from a first story window yelling at the top of her lungs, "TURN THE MUSIC OFF FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I'M TRYING TO SLEEP YOU ASSHOLE!". She seemed unbelievably pissed, and it looked like this had happened before.
So I walk over to the guy's passenger side, and I'm about to tell him to please turn the music down, people are trying to sleep, when the absolutely unthinkable happens.
"TURN YOUR GOD DAMN MUSIC OFF AND HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR PEOPLE SLEEPING!!!" just bursts through the air at 100 decibels and startles everyone. A dude in his PJ's had just walked right up to the driver's side door, and was screaming at the pickup driver through a megaphone. Everyone in the neighborhood turned to look.
The driver got completely flustered, and tried to open the door on Mr. Megaphone, but it only pissed him off more, and he kept yelling at the driver through the megaphone. Another minute of door opening and amplified yelling go on, and then the pickup driver speeds off.

Way to go, Mr. Megaphone!!!!

On behalf of the girl, everyone living in the Haight who has to deal with the jerk in the pickup every morning, everyone who is woken up by inconsiderate twits blasting thier music, we thank you. That's a job well done. May you always sleep soundly.

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