Originally Posted: 2005-04-23 5:34pm

hey freaks! antique dentist's chair- free!

you've already got a gas mask and enough latex to clothe an island nation. all you need now is some freaky furniture!

olde style dentist's chair with adjustable everything. pump the foot pedal and watch the cool hydraulic lift! it goes up, down, back, forward; it spins! not ripped! not stained! not stinky! just in my way...

here's a (tiny) picture:


the catch: the chair is Really Fucking Heavy and you will need 4 beefy friends (and a truck) to get it out of our 2d floor apartment without dumping the hydraulic reservoir all over the carpet. and you better really want it: for the right home/museum/weirdo it's a treasure; for the impulsive - "wow, a dentist's chair!" - it's just a big pain in the ass.

Q: wouldn't it be easier to move if i took it apart?
A: and i want to let you disassemble this greasy mess in my bedroom because...?

Q: will you and/or your roommates help me move it?
A: no.

Q: but i'm pretty!
A: then you should have no problem finding four suckers to haul it for you.

this in or around cavity creeps

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