Originally Posted: 2005-04-21 11:14am

favorite this post Girl, will you please fuck my boss?

To the bosses girl,

Girl, will you please fuck my boss. I understand that you are too girly to do all the things he really wants to do to you. But at this point I think he would be happy to just get a little bit. A simple blow job or a quickie. I mean really maam' it is your job.

Maybe we need to break it down in black and white. My job is to come to work, run the office, and clean as needed. Your job is to occasionally mount this sex obsessed soul so maybe he isn't so sex obsessed any longer.

It has come to the point where I have thought about actually climbing on your man, just so he gets some. Not that I desire to fuck my boss, nor would I really do so. But I do believe with all my heart that a good sympathy fuck might just cure him of his problems. And since you're not doing your job, what am I to do? Maybe we should put someone on staff, just to fuck my boss.

See, I realize that you have worked 2 long years to train him. I also understand that you spent 25 years in school just so you can control men. I mean to have a PhD, an office, and still work as a waitress.. can you explain that to me? The only conclusion I can come to is that you have this degree so you can fuck with his head. And man oh man.. you are so good at it. He never raises his voice to you. He never talks bad about you (except in the locker room at the gym, but thats standard guy stuff) He never shows his discontent to you. He buys the monthly vacations and all your clothes. He pays your rent and pays for your office you don't use. And the most irritating thing is he answers the phone "Hi Love" when you call in a voice that is reserved to talking to you.... and his dog. Yes, that is the only times he uses that damn cheese voice. You and the dog. The dog doesn't give him any either. Hmmm..

I mean if there was an award for the best mind fuck. You would take home the blue baby.

But, back to my boss. See, and when you don't fuck him for a while two very disturbing things happen, things that I can no longer live with.

1. He's fucking crabby. He yells. He makes lil' nasty comments. He's a really good guy.. but when you are torturing him.. its shows. When you two broke up for a while and he had out his lilí black book. He was so happy. He is a very sexy guy. I get at least one phone call a day requesting him specifically so the women can look at him. A sexy healthy guy.. can only take so much of a beautiful girl controlling him before he wants to have a little control over her. I mean just lie down and let him stick it in you. Iím not asking you to fuck him daily. Just once a week or so. This months upon months thing is outta hand.

2. He looks at porn on my computer. Its bad enough coming into work.. but then to work(and playing some) all day, then going to erase CL from the history when ta da.. shit like aged pussy is on the history from the day before. I don't have anything against porn.. its fine. I take a lookie myself sometimes. But when I have worked all day typing away at a keyboard, touching the desk, then possibly my face, or my own nice and clean orfices. Completely unawares of what went down just 12 hours before... Then with a click of a mouse its all right in front of my nose and suddenly I realize that it is totally probable that there is little chunks of cum stuck to every surface of my desk, keyboard, and chair. See, I don't have anything against cum either. I happen to be the opposite of you.. I like to fuck.. I also like cum on me. However, the bosses old crusted cum unknowingly touching me. Um.. no .. not okay with that.

So please girl.. will you just please oh please fuck my boss?

Pretty please?


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