Originally Posted: 2005-03-23 2:43am

To the guy who sent me the picture of his penis

Thanks dude. Nothing like a gal putting an innocent ad on CL and having a wellhung stud such as yourself send me a profile view of Mr. Winkleson. Thought I'd give you a couple of pointers for sending penis pix to random chicks: 1. You hear how some guys argue about where the measurement for '9 inches of man salami' starts? Some guys measure from the base. Other fudge it a bit and measure from somewhere south of the testicular area. Hon, it looks like you started the measurement half way up your back. 2. Mr. Winkleson would look much better if that paunchy gut wasn't hanging over him like a meat skirt. 3. That rosy 'mood' lighting makes it look like Mr. Winkleson has come down with a bad case of scarlet fever. 4. Your description of a 'hot throbbing cock' failed to mention that it came attached to a guy with a face like the back of a well-used frying pan. 5. I had a little fun with PhotoShop. A little Magic Marker and a tiny yellow rain slicker now makes it look like Mr. Winkleson is out to fight fires. 6. The main thing you should think about before sending your penis pix to random chicks on CL? Will she send PhotoShopped copy to any and all who request it? Oh, and nice smile.

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