Originally Posted: 2005-03-19 1:36am

favorite this post You know you’re addicted to craigslist when...

You post to RnR and then check back every 10 minutes to see if anyone has responded to your post.. While waiting, you check the free section to see if anyone has posted a better-looking couch. If you see said response and respond back right away. Your e-mail is shoved full of post/edit/delete messages and you’re too afraid to delete them because, even though they’ve expired, you might want to repost them... You check the M4W or W4M to see if anyone meets your standards. They don’t. You check back on the couches. No luck. Check back with RnR. Oh! A response. “UR AN AAAsSSS!!111!!”. Hmm. Lame. You respond back, saying how much of an illiterate fool the person is. “FUCK YOU!!” they reply. They e-mail you about how much you suck. You give their e-mail to a bunch of spamming web-sites. Check back for the couch. Oh look, someone’s giving away bricks! And an old stove! It kinda works! Check the pets section. Aww wouldn’t you like a cute little kitten? You’re allergic. Do they offer hairless ones? Check back on RnR. Another response! “DUDE USE A SPELL-CHECKER!!” Hmm. Guy is responding to your troll. You give him props. You keep clicking the free section to see if anyone’s posted nice stuff. Oh look! A free bag of clothes! There might be some e-bay potential in there... you ask them if they’ll deliver. They say no, you gotta pick it up. You ask where they live. They tell you. You ask them to hold it. They can’t. You beg them to. Aww. Someone else got the clothes. Oh look! Free fill dirt! You don’t have a lawn. You wonder if your neighbor needs dirt. You check RnR again. Oh wow! What a clever post! You respond. Re Re RE RE.. ahh you’re a part of a group again... Check on the couches. You don’t even need a couch, but that one looks better than yours... Oh look, a free lamp too. You could furnish your whole apartment on craigslist, you think... just like those design shows on TLC ... You lament that the couch of your dreams is in Peteluma. You’re in San Diego... You save all the little words in the black lettering with the stripy orange background with the intention of making some clever phrase out of them... You check the clock. It's 1:33am. You're still writing this...

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