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Originally Posted: 2004-10-06 1:13pm

Position wanted... Trophy Wife

Recently, I started joking that I was going to become a Trophy Wife. As the joke grew I started thinking, “What do TW’s do?” There’s the obvious - look good on the husbands arm, shop, go to the spa, go to the plastic surgeon and nail the pool boy. After thinking about it for a bit what they really do is - reflect a positive image for their husband & his company, help her husband get ahead, represent their husband & his company at fundraisers and parties, hire and organize staff for the various residences, decorate the various residences and network.

Hey, wait a minute! I actually am qualified for this position. Stats: I’m 35, 5’ 10” > 11”, blonde, 130 lbs, men frequently tell me I’m hot and I have wicked long legs (put you hand on your chest. Ok, that’s where my legs START). I’m a master net worker. I can work a room and leaving everyone saying “Wasn’t so&so’s new wife absolutely lovely? We should have them over for dinner.” I’ll create an amazing environment(s) for entertaining & living. If you need to throw a party that everyone will talk about for years?! Ah, hello… I’m the one. I can hire, organize, delegate and run staff like a (nice) Marine Sergeant. I’m smart, funny, charming, well traveled and kind. I give blood, vote and volunteer. I like kids but don’t have any of my own. I’m sophisticated but not snobby. Plus, I have a great credit rating. The only thing I am lacking is pedigree! And really, that’s overrated… wouldn’t you agree?

So, that’s me and I’m serious.

FYI – I’m the super model body type. I refuse to get a boob job. I’m a perky 36B and no one’s ever complained about them. Oh! And, I refuse to get collagen injected into my lips.

Testimonials, references, pictures furnished after a thorough review of your financial statement, P&L, last 5 years tax returns and portfolio (just kidding!).

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