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Originally Posted: 2002-04-10 9:15pm

Ominous Wall Unit of DOOM - $75

Behold! Oppressive, monolithic wall unit for sale. Constructed of an inky black melamine, this combination desk/bookshelf is fully capable of taking up two walls all to itself. This dark obelisk, this bleak and unholy construct, possesses a fearsome array of shelves and cupboards, empowering it to store everything in its path! It also includes a pull-out keyboard drawer.

Cower and fear this wall unit of sorrow, for it consumes whole IKEA bookcases like NIKLAS and IVAR to add to its mighty girth. Speak of it only in whispers; it is much taller than you.

Its owner has managed to subdue the beast by splitting it into four identical pieces, but once those pieces are reunited, the world will once again tremble before this, the colossus of wall units.

7'1" across, 5'4" tall. The desk part is 3'x3'.
$75 or best offer. No, the computer's not included.

Addendum 4/13/2002:
Unit has been sold. It now lives with its new owner, lurking beneath the stairs...

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