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free eggs and tuna fish to good home...GONE!

so i decided to become a vegetarian last week and the only problem is that it was a spur of the moment thing - decided on the walk home from class, listening to YMCA (the village people)
so, i now have 18 eggs in my fridge, and about 10 packs of tuna in water...

which i can't bring myself to eat.
and as much as i'd just like to leave it in the fridge, in the hopes that it'll somehow disappear into egg-heaven or tuna eden, I also know that it most likely won't..
and I can't just leave it on the sidewalk cuz it'd go bad and that would be like killing little chicken embryo's just for fun which is even worse then eating them because they taste good.

I also have a tupperware of chicken curry from last year - sometime in september. I HAD two tupperware of chicken curry, but I finished one.. and then decided to put the other one in the freezer and as is the case with things when i put them in the freezer, they just stay there..
I'm sure they're still edible...and probably still taste good.
And they're yours if you want them. I will probably miss the tupperware it's kept in, and it would be nice if you'd be willing to return it, but i won't insist.

I ALSO have a bunch of local asian delicacy..only it's not vegetarian. forgot i had it until a couple of days ago - if you're malaysian, then
1. no surprise that you're on craigslist, browsing the free stuff (oh, come on. admit it! it's what we malaysians do - go around scavenging for free stuff!)
2. it's keropok, and serunding, and ikan bilis - the fish serunding packet's been opened, but i only had about 1 tbsp.
and the chicken serunding is still unopened.
all yours free

and if you're NOT malaysian, then just take it anyway cuz it's REALLY tasty, and good for your health, and libido, and acne, and heart problems and whatever other ailments you might have.

okay. and just in case, since this IS berkeley, the eggs aren't organic - they're the cheap kind from walgreens/long drugs
but they're free...

so, PLEASE send me an email and tell me that you'll take it, and consume it, and be happy...and thankful, and not malnourished

and one last thing since i'm posting on CL - when i say eggs, i mean eggs from a chicken, and NOT eggs from my ovaries. comprende? if you send me an email asking me to donate eggs or something,
i will be forced to...

dammit! all i can think is "how much are you willing to pay!"
ugh! intersection of cedar and henry (near andronico's on shattuck)

so, just a quick update - everythings gone, except for the chicken in the freezer. if you'd like that, it's yours...and so is the tupperware it's in

and apologies to all who replied but never quite got to me in time. May you never come so close to not getting free eggs and tuna again.
but just because, here's a haiku:

free eggs and tuna

cuz i''m vegetarian now

high on tofu...WHEEeeeeeEEEEEeeeeeEEEE!!!

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