Originally Posted: 2004-04-07 12:39pm

FREE Fireplace Stove Insert - she wants to warm you up

OK, so we advertized this FREE fireplace-stove insert last week without any pics, but only got people interested in seeing pics. Well, what can I say?...it's (or shall we say she's?) a FREE black passive fireplace stove insert with no fan and glass doors. She's kind'a big, and definitely heavy (BBW?) Her dimensions:

30" wide x 22" tall x 26" deep (30-22-26...ok, maybe a little lacking up top!)

She's really not all that photogenic. But my wife did find one of our "before" photos (before we started re-doing our house) and scanned the photo and I've attempted to attach it to this posting to no avail. I AM able to e-mail you a photo of her if you really like (she is a bit shy, so it's really not the best picture).

As she typically sits with her face about 10" in front of the fireplace, she's very efficient at warming a room with her smile (proper stoking/probing is a necessity). She's very quiet, seeing as she's the passive type of stove. Move her large round nobs a bit, and you can make the fire inside an inferno, or keep her smoldering for a long, long time. Such warmth! Such heat! Such love you've never known before!

She wears an 8" wide 'skirt' (facia) around her to keep her modesty and cover any naked space between her and the fireplace...and to keep her dirty emmessions going out the proper exit (e.g. the chimeny). She also comes with a dandy, upfront accessory of a 4' x 1' "brick" hearth to place in front of her in case you should get a little messy while stoking her with your poker.

We've removed her from the fireplace and she's currently sunning herself on our deck... NAKED, with her doors removed and skirt off!... waiting for prince charming (or not so charming) to come by and pick her up (she's only a couple of feet from the drive) and throw her (place her is more like it) into his van or pick-up truck (she prefers lying in the bed as it's more her style...besides, she's too big to sit "bitch") and TAKE HER...take her away from this lonely place and let her warm another person's home (and heart).

She's quite little lonely sitting out on our deck in Sebastopol. She would love it if someone would at least come by and check her out...and maybe you could be the one she'd be warming up tonight. She knows she's not a beauty, but she can be very warm (HOT), is eagerly awaiting your wood, and is FREE and READY for the taking!

Thanks again for checking her out...it means so much to her.

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