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Originally Posted: 2006-12-04 3:17pm

Creeeepppppyyy Old Men, and the Golddiggers that love them


Just so we are very clear.

For arguments sake, let us define the "Position", P, as your standard 20 something "hot chick" on her knees, top off, mouth wide open ready to recieve a standard male member.

The rate at which said 20 something reaches the "Position" is a function of the man's physical attractiveness( A), wealth (W), and percieved power/ influence (I) ( CEO/ politican/ or outlaw biker factor) and has pratically nothing to do with intelligence, morals, values how nice he is. This relationship can be derived via classical ladder theory and is expressed as:

dP/dt = aA+bW+cI

Where a, b and c are weighting factors. Emperical studies show that in general for all women c>b>a, so power and wealth more strongly influence dP/dt.

Escorts, who assume the Position for any guy regardless of age or looks for an agreed upon fee can be fit into this theory if we generalize that the wealth term W, is really an expectation of wealth transfer over a given time frame, delta t. Then we see that there is an equivlence to a wealthy man that will transfer money and gifts over a long time period in return for many servicings and an ordinary man who pays the fee for one hour of servicing, implying:

W = (Money Transfered)/t or

W = (MT/t)

So the theory holds.

The formula can be generalized to all women by adding a term that tends to decrease dP/dt with age for the woman, but for now we can keep it simple by assuming that all women under the age of, say , 32 can be described as essentially escorts, trading sex for status and stuff.

Now, if we assume that the definition of creepy is dP/dt => O, or infinite time for her to achieve position P, then

0= aA+bW+cI


A = (-b/a)W + (-c/a)I

This implies that if the guy has even a modicum of wealth or percieved power ( either outlaw or legitimate) then for him to be considered creepy he would have to lack teeth and muscle tone, weigh 400 lbs, and smell like a diseased farm hog.

This then explains the origional poster. She is on a bart train, where she has no way of acertaing either W or I from simply looking at the guy that is looking at her, so she assumes worst case low values. Since she assumes W and I to be low to non existant (where any guy making a middle class living is considered to be at 0 for both W and I), A would have to be very large (male Calvin Klein Model type) to get dP/dt positive. Hence, the guy is considered "creepy".

However, if the same guy were met, let's say, at a reception at an art gallery and was introduced as a very successful corporate sales executive driving a late model imported sports car, he might find it a tad embarrising explaing why there was a half naked young woman on the floor in front of him tugging on his fly.

It also explains the guy on the bart train. He knows he has money and or influence, and from experience knows that girls just like her are avaialable to him almost at a whim. But he has no way to communicate his W or I accurately, and since his A is never usually a problem, he does not understand the impact of its low intrinsic value.

So we can see, the definition "creepy" is really a non existant concept, instead simply the result of an inability to communicate proper W and I values in a public setting, or the unfortunate consequence of the rare man who has low A, I and W values, in which case the original poster just likes bashing the unfortunate.

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