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Originally Posted: 2004-01-26 11:00pm

one free fish. (warning - he is a wanker.)

it's FREE! you heard me. you come get 'im and he is yours.

I have a bunch of tetras in a tank. They are all very small. The guy at Nippon Goldfish sold me two MALE guppies. One is very cool, but the other one is a total ass. He comes out from behind the plants all "WHASUP! I AM THE BIGGEST FISH IN THIS MUTHA! THIS MY TERRITORY! CHECK YOSELF!" and goes nipping after the other fish's lil fins.

People, I am afraid for my other fish. I am vegetarian so I can't bring myself to just flush his bully ass. I am confident if he had a bigger tank with bigger fish he would be just fine - the guy at the pet store told me these fish are "peaceable community dwellers". Cept' for this hood rat and my neons.

He's so small - just about an inch long, a pretty orange with a flowy tail, he is what is termed a "fancy guppy", but there is just not enough room in that town for both of them. He should do well in a tank with females, or with bigger fish.

1. you are a good person (not doing experiments on him or somethin)
2. you can come get him
3. you think your fish can take his scrappy self on.

Right now, he is under an upside down pint glass in the tank but time-outs don't seem to teach him a lesson. SO! I invite you to stop by our house Tuesday afternoon at Haight and Webster, come get this dickhead out of our lives.

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