Originally Posted: 2004-01-23 10:39am

free (cursed) prosthetic legs

update: tweaky guy came and got them. thanks for all the positive responses, craigsters! may the curse be lifted!

recent amputee? eclectic artist? i got what you need. i have these two old prosthetic legs that a friend left here at my studio. one is plastic and has a rubber foot on it, i suppose it is meant to look more natural and the other is machined aluminum and looks terminator-esque. i believe one or both of these may be cursed. one evening a couple months ago i wired one of the legs onto my knee and hobbled around to the delight of my drunken friends. not two days later i severely injured that foot in a work accident. irony? or a powerful curse on the rubber-footed prosthetic leg? whatever, i'm not going to fuck with them anymore and i'd like them gone.
i posted them several weeks ago and this one guy really really wanted them. he wanted them so bad that he flaked on me twice. they are still here. if you are that guy, or if you think might flake on me, please don't respond to this ad. you know who you are. i don't have time to wait around all day for you. go check in the hospital dumpsters for your prosthetics, okay? and avoid the biohazardous waste in there, you wouldn't want to get hep-c or anything...

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