Originally Posted: 2001-09-18 4:24pm

Wanted: Chicken Coop (No, I'm not kidding.)

So I've got a hen for a pet. And to tell you the truth, she's just fabulous. So I want to do right by her and get her a coop!

If you've got a single-hen coop and will donate/trade/sell, please email me.


Top Ten Chicken Questions I've Received Since Adopting Serena the Hen

1) How long to chickens live?
Still combing the Internet for this answer. Let me know if you find out.
2) Does she lay eggs?
Theoretically, although I haven't found any yet. That might be because I haven't provided a proper roosting place for her yet, which will happen in Chicken Phase II. She might also be in cahoots with the Easter Bunny, isolating the best hiding places in the yard.
3) Does she wake up the neighbors?
Nope. Only the boy chickens are noisy. She makes dissatisfied, under-her-breath noises, and sometimes clucks almost affectionately.
4) Do you still eat chicken?
Sure thing! Serena looks way different from barbeque. I have successfully kept those two concepts separate in my brain thus far.
5) Have the cats tried to eat her?
Earl approached her within the first day of her arrival, and received a swift pecking. Now he skulks up to her halfheartedly just to show off when I'm around, but I know that his heart's not in it.
6) Does she come indoors?
No. She's a pooper.
7) How much did she cost?
US $6
8) Where did you get her?
Farmer's market. Long story. She was bound for a cute little old lady's dinner table. The lady walked away with two of Serena's less attractive roostmates.
9) What does she eat?
Corn meal. Tomatoes. Petunias. Bugs.
10) What does she do all day?
Pecks at bugs and leaves. "Fertilizes" the lawn. Sends bad juju toward the cats. Runs the roost.

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