Originally Posted: 2006-05-25 8:29pm

Box of broken dreams

For me, this box contains only failure. At first, it represented my highest ideals: I would not be a slave to our disposable consumer culture. Rather than rush out at the first sign of trouble to buy a new espresso machine/waffle maker/toaster/etc., thereby overflowing our landfills and furthering the expansion of the corporate empire, I would repair and reuse. I set my broken items aside for someday, that beautiful someday, when I would get around to fixing them and drink my espresso with the smug satisfaction of knowing I was morally superior to those around me.

The problem is, I'm not handy.

Okay the problem is, I'm lazy. So now, for me, the box no longer represents my hopes and ideals. It represents my faults, my weaknesses, my failure.

For you however, it is full of limitless possibility: beautiful, shiny hunks of wire and metal, waiting eagerly to spring into your service if you will only find what is wrong with them and fix them. You can do it; you know you can. And you will. Someday, you will get around to it, and their gratitude will know no bounds. They will make you espresso, waffles, toast, and more! You will lord over them like a god, and they will serve you, humming cheerfully, for years.

I have lost faith in myself, but I believe in you. Even from here, I think I can see the screwdriver in your hand...

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