Originally Posted: 2005-12-26 9:40am

Dear Favorite Cabbie Who Was killed Yesterday-

To my fave cabbie-

You were killed yesterday Xmas a.m.. in Richmond, CA. You were the coolest cabbie I ever met. Plus you had icy cool Indian sapphire blue eyes. You were impressed that an American chick like me could speak a little Hindi, and I always greeted you like "Sastree Kahl, keelahleeeey!!!!!" You let me slide when I was a little short between paychecks, and I always tipped you well. You told me that money meant nothing to you, and unlike most folks who say that, you meant it. I remeber when you almost got a ticket by CHP for speeding to get me to BART on time, and when i gave the CHP guy a dirty look, he backed off of you, and didn't give you a ticket. You said I was your good luck charm.

You went back to India to get your wife last summer. I met her, and she was really sweet. You used to wait to make sure that I made it in the house safely. when I sent you to pick up friends of mine, my friends told me that you spoke highly of me, and you told them what a good person I was.

Maybe this note means nothing to anybody else reading this, but you didn't deserve to die like that. Shot in the shithole streets of Richmond for a few dollars. all you went thru to get to this country for a better life, and you died like a dog in the streets of the ghetto. At the hands of two young women, no less.

Goodbye, my friend. You will be missed.


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