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Originally Posted: 2005-12-09 2:28pm

Guerilla flashing

I've risen to the challenge - now it's your turn.


A Challenge....

So many of these so called "Flashes" are really just pics from some amateur porn site. I say authenticate yourselves! Go for it. Much like a kidnapper let's see you pose with a copy of today's paper! Or maybe near the computer with todays R&R screen on it. I'm sure there are more creative ways than that. The paper though would show where you are (Bay Area) and the date. These postings could quickly become the cream of the crop for flashing. How about local landmarks? Street Signs. Must include proof of the date.

Now Fellas...(That's right, I say this beause I'm not talking about dick posts) we must also do our parts. I say that each and every such "Guerilla Flash" post garners an instant "Best of" vote. What say thee, horny CL R&R'ers? Bring on the boobies!

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