Originally Posted: 2005-04-26 1:53pm

Rant: Seat Hogging Backpacks

To the man on the 8:40 #16 bus with his backpack n the seat beside him. I知 sure your backpack had a rough morning trying to get the kids up, dressed and out the door for school. I知 sure your backpack had to race around the house at full speed making sure everything it needed for school and/or work was securely stowed away in its many pockets. I知 sure it had to skip breakfast and make a last minute dash to make the 8:40 #16. I知 quite sure it also had a horrible night痴 sleep last night and really needed to rest its eyes and weary bones before its long and arduous day at work/school. So, I知 quite sure it NEEDED that seat all to its self to prepare for the day ahead.

I知 sure it didn稚 notice through its closed eyes that there were people standing up right next to it. I知 wondering, however, with your wide-open eyes, if you did. Did you notice the cute red pony tailed girl with the Starbucks cup who looked like she was going to cry? Did you notice how she had a backpack that was twice as big as yours? I値l bet here backpack was pretty tired too. I noticed how neither you nor your backpack offered her a seat. Did you notice the woman with the two small children with the two small backpacks? I知 pretty damn sure she was a bit more tired and deserving of a seat than your backpack.

Yes, you were very thoughtful of your backpack, but quite oblivious of all the other backpacks and their owners who were in great need. I don稚 carry a backpack, but I知 much more observant of others who are more burdened than myself. So, next time, Mr. Greedy Backpack Owner, I will be ejecting your backpack from its comfy seat so I can place my non-backpack wearing can down next to you and some other backpack can have my seat!

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