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rave: please take care of him

Dearest Seattle,

The love of my life, a kindhearted, smart, funny man with big blue eyes and a penchant for pasta and for taking corners a bit too fast is on his way out to you.

I fell for him when I first saw him in the grocery store, with a small basket that contained milk and a frozen pizza. We started dating and things fell into place and life was good.

Then he got the call. A prestigious company wanted him for his dream job. The catch? It's in Seattle.

I helped him pack the crates and his car and only cried a bit this morning in his presence while saying goodbye, that I loved him, that he would love Seattle, that life would be fine, that it's only going to be a year until I can join him. I waited until he left to really break down and realize how different life is going to be without him, and how much I will miss him.

And I will be happy to join him, out there in the great big Pacific Northwest, with your green mountains and big lakes and your progressive politics and nice people and strong coffee. And an ocean where you can watch the sun set instead of rise. I'll be able to do what I most want to do, which is wake up next to him every morning for the rest of my life.

But for another year I am here, finishing up grad school and trying hard not to get too sad, miss him too much.

So I'm just asking you a few small favors on his behalf. Be nice to him when he's buying Seattle's Best, which is his favorite. Wave to him when you see him walking to work, which he'll be able to do for the first time. Perhaps a few of you could even help him unpack the crates or give him directions or tell him where the good restaurants are.

He is a sweet guy, and Seattle is a nice town. I know you'll take the very best care of him until I can be there to do it myself.

Thank you,
The adoring girlfriend

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