Originally Posted: 2005-03-21 2:08pm

Mean Bird

Our 7 month old daughter is threatening us everyday with crawling. We are scrambling to baby-proof. The other day while testing the power outlets with my finger I found small feathers and birdseed on the floor underneath the birdcage. I saw visions of little Quinn crawling around stuffing fists full of of beautiful yellow and blue feathers into her mouth. "If you cleaned once in a while you would know about that!" my beautiful wife belched down at me. "The bird's gonna have to go," I said gently. "No shit John Boy," she screamed. It is in this loving home that we have reared this bird. The meanest, orneriest, yellow Bull Parakeet ever. He will bite any finger, or other, given as an offering. Of course, it only tickles, but he would stab you in the back, steal your identity, and drive your car to Ocean Shores and park it on the dunes in the salty air all weekend if he had the chance. This bird has real character. We are going to miss him intensely, but the new apartment is small and baby is getting larger, so Slim has to move on I'm afraid. Email if you can help find a mean home for our mean birdy. Tim this is in or around Northgate

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