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This weeks Dumbass CL Barterers

Another strong solid week in the craigslist barter department.

So, I am a Reiki II practioner, and I am interested in trading reiki sessions for piano lessons or for a moped.

How about I just give you my car instead, and you promise me you won't venture further out of freemont.

i have a brand new factory sealed copy of ms office 2003 professional edition. i would like to trade for a brand new silver or pink factory sealed ipod mini.

Well holy shit and knock me silly. DEAL, where do I sign? I guess I am in a secret club with the other 10 billlion people who have downloaded MS Office 2003 Pro off some p2p program already.

Do you have some PS2 games that you are willing to trade for some comics?

Oh I really do like this one. So much so in fact that I would trade an Xbox and PS@ console for your comics. After all, those comics are investments and will probably put my kids through college one day.

Well, here are some services I can provide-
Pressure Washing
House cleaning
And here are some things I am interested in:
(old & ugly is ok!)
RV/Motorhome/Travel Trailer
compact car
pick-up truck

Are you still interested? I pay all my gardeners in cars. I use to do mopeds but with inflation, that is so 1998.

My husband has decided he wants a divorce after 7 years. I need help getting home to Nashville, TN. I haven't even been here a year and we came only with the clothes on our back. A plane ticket is $364.90 for a 3 day advance purchase that includes taking my beloved cat on Delta airlines. Can anyone help me please. I am devestated and broke and want to go home............... Thanks in advance for any help. This is not a gimmic or scam. I am serious.

Doesnt CL have a seperate catagory for BEGGING? Wheres the barter part. Oh i get it, I give you money, and in return you get it. schweet deal!

Will trade Soloflex for McDonald's Gift Certificates

This one just cracks me up! guess that fitness kick was a bad idea. This one really shouldnt be included anyways, as they are open to any trade. Cool, it just cracks me up anyways!

I am a healer from Chicago who specializes in channeling Angels and Spirit Guides. My sessions are transformative and I am blessed to witness so many miracles that happen with this work! I would love to trade some sessions for the following:

~A Digital Camera

WTF? Can I trade you my Ipod instead?

Have you upgraded to a larger LCD monitor or just have an LCD monitor you would like to trade for computer help or software (you name it)? I am certified Tech.

Um, ya. last time I checked, 80% of us in seattle are in IT. I would love to give you a monitor for your expert MCSE advice. WTF is a certified tech anyways? I wish I could see all my software too, but unfortunatley its open source, and it might be tricky to market my fees to the public. I guess I can sell my cracked XP stuff.

Editing skills, will trade for Truck?

WTF, you smoke crack Willis?

Hi...I desperately need a computer. Ultimately, I would love a powerbook G4 laptop to record music and edit film projects but...I just need something that I can plug in...Something that's fast enouph for the net...Maybe I could do some work trade? If interested please call.

I would love a lot of things too Jamie. I guess I do need someone who can do some *work*. It's kind of hard though without knowing your skillset.

i need a small truck/suv/wagon to get back and forth to work, as well as haul the dogs around. ill provide full custom tattoo work, including (but not limited to) backpieces or sleeves. the better the car, the better the tattoo.

Is there anyone on CL Barter that IS NOT a tatoo artist looking for a car or a computer? We get it, your broke! Nicer the car, nicer the tatoo? Does taht mean your hand is not as shaky and it comes out better, or you make it bigger or something? hmm... What can I get for a Yugo.

If any of you posted these, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings. I am sure there are many people who want to trade their Ipod for your software and errand running skills

this is in or around in your dream fuckos!

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