Originally Posted: 2004-12-28 1:24pm

favorite this post 85th and Aurora Free-a-thon!!!

Just west and up the hill a speck from the storied intersection of 85th and Aurora finds a driveway festooned with a cat-clawed cornucopia of hairy furnishings - chairs to recline free-loving buttocks, shelves to house filthy books, carpets, desk fixer-uppers, a wide array of items varying in distaste. Friends, these delicious items are not only free, they are lucky. My salary has virtually doubled since owning some of these rare and oft-sullied bits of genuine Americana. Over 18? Drag away a considerable item and I will let you choose five tapes from my collection of the worst porn ever filmed. If my portly roomate can coax his gouty ankles from slumber, there might even be a large entertainment center, which, when not harboring devices of visual erotica, can be chopped into firewood during the apocalypse.

Update: Don't let darkness sway you!!! Meemaw's favorite blue rocker has been moved out there. Covered with cat hair, this baby's still comfy as a dirt nap. If I had a dollar for every soft burst of methane meemaw delivered into those wonderful blue cushions......

this is in or around North Seattle

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