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Inspired by this best of, I decided to find out where I should go in Seattle to get an MC posted about me.

I was interested in distinct places, based on where the posting says so in the "this is in or around" area (I recoded some that gave street names).

There were about 500 MCs that got parsed, some of them had no location or non-sense locations so they didn't provide any data for this.

Downtown - 24
Capitol Hill - 15
UW/U-District - 13
Fremont - 10
Bellevue - 10
Eastside (may include Bellevue) - 10
Belltown - 9
Green Lake - 8
West Seattle - 8
Queen Anne - 7
Pioneer Square - 5
I-5 - 5
Bus - 3
Pike Place Market - 3
Magnuson Park - 3
Ballard - 3
Eastlake - 2
Alki - 2
405 - 2

Generically, "Seattle" (not including West Seattle) - 124

I probably missed a few since this was just the location field and not the whole text, but the data speaks for itself: if you want an MC, get yourself to downtown, Capitol Hill or the U-District.

Second: the most commonly used words in Seattle MCs, by form of speech that I think the word might be (math major, not English). The words had to have more than 3 letters. Coffee appeared 30 times, Starbucks 12 times, "Starbuck's" 4 times.
Nouns Verbs Adjectives/Other
hair love cute
time looking other
back think around
love wearing please
girl said blue
friend want dark
shirt hope last
eyes thought because
smile email next
anyone contact black
seattle thanks never
friends wanted after
number looked maybe
someone tell down
night look still
coffee talk little
look work over
work going very
name seen well
people went long
chance come beautiful
sometime find pretty
life missed white
times need blonde
something sitting short
person help brown
here meet good
touch stop great
line being only
drink driving tall
myself give lost
wish make together
couple take first
glasses trying nice
home lost left
jeans made right
heart smiled away
lunch used each
things came used
years knows live
july asked most
today call asian
women hear many
phone keep attractive
seat live enough
date wish green
dinner miss better
sunday read light
woman remember single
bike talking amazing
conversation caught curly
floor moved funny
light talked outside
pants waiting taken
saturday walking gorgeous
skirt catch high
starbucks ride late
face working later
head write less
school believe married
shit called often
show felt real
table interested second
thing guess wrong
weekend hoping brunette
anything show several
building walked blond
connection coming cool
flight making free
game mind handsome
glances post jewish
hours posting pink
message reading redhead
post running sexy
start thinking totally
street asking adorable
summer gave alone
body having brief
city play cutest
course shot early
evening stare friendly
friday stopped haired
hill check young
morning liked american
party mean boring
place meeting curious
shorts reply east
shot worked full
side drop gone
year enjoyed hard
craigslist feeling interesting
days forget possible
downtown knew serious
everything looks simply
group named between
info noticed briefly
months riding close
beer send different
care thank everyday
connections turn forever
drinks wondering grey
feeling approach
guys carrying
hand change
idea dance
lake dancing
looks doubt
luck hang
reason heard
room hold
section leave
town mentioned
type offered
week passed
words paying
bitch played
case respond
change saying
crush shared
daughter spoke
dress started
dude stay
fact works
female dating
girls drove
human enjoy
jacket exchanged
kids figure
legs follow
minutes followed

Unfortunately, the results of this do not bode well for those of us who cannot be described as "cute", "beautiful", "pretty", "attractive", "amazing" or "gorgeous". I was hoping "hairy", "awkward" and "goofy looking" would be a little higher.

So this is a legitimate MC: a little before 8pm in lower Queen Anne, Sunday July 25. You were walking east on Mercer, in a black shirt, bluish skirt (I think). I was walking the other direction. You smelled really good. Maybe we could meet up for some spaghetti or pancakes?

Also, I'm a 23/m/geek. If you're interested in meeting up for an MC downtown sometime, just reply.

this is in or around Downtown

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