Originally Posted: 2006-07-09 6:58pm

Your Dad doesn't want to see your butt crack...GIRLS!!!!

Ok, so most every female under 30 is wearing low rise pants. Our 19 year old says she heard it hurts to wear them any higher & our 25 year old wears them post-pregnancy with baby fat and all hanging over. What a laugh! What's worse is that neither of them wear underwear either. How do we know? Because every time they come over they manage to have to bend over for some reason.

Here's the deal girls: I get it, you want to be in fashion, but let's show some taste. We've mentioned it, but aparently you don't get it. We tried buying you underwear as gifts...the really good, pretty and expensive kind...in hopes that you'll wear something...anything.

YOU DAD doesn't want to see it! Yes, he helped create it but trust me, this is not one of his projects he likes showing to everyone. He's deeply bothered that every time you bend over in our home he has to witness what our generation refers to as "plummer's crack". It's not something he talks about with me because he already knows how I feel about appropriate dress and he fully defends your right to wear what every you want to, but THIS truly bothers him.

I overheard him talking with a friend this afternoon about a girl that was sitting in front of the friend at a movie. When she stood up her low risers became no-risers and she unintentionally mooned everyone behind her. He was laughing about how stupid some people can be just for the sake of fashion. Your Dad, shaking his head, admitted that both his girls wear it too and neither one probably should be, figure-wise, but for some reason they think they look better if they do & added that he's not looking at their asses, it's just hard to miss when they do it right in front of you. It also concerns him who else is staring at your butt crack. He's your Dad, he worries!!!

So, I'm here to tell you all that if you're not a tiny size and work out alot to maintain tone, then you're probably not a candidate for those low-rise pants, especially when paired with midriff showing tops. It's just not pleasant for the rest of us.

Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news.

While I'm at it, Boys, pull your damn pants up! It's one thing to show off your boxes, it's quite another to wear them below your butt line!! And when you have to walk with your hand holding the waistband up at your croch level...THEY'RE TOO BIG!

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