Originally Posted: 2003-08-05 7:52am


Virginity - where are you? I know right where I put you - room 310 of the Everett Holiday Inn (the Holidome). I figured if I ever needed you I could find you. But you've moved on!

Seems like just yesterday but it was indeed 19 years ago that we parted ways. I was (barely) 15 and my boyfriend was 19 and I made him get us a room so we could do it in a bed and not his puke green 74 Dodge Dart.


If I had known what lay in store I would have waited and you and I could have become better friends, lovely Virginity. I threw you away in a fit of teenage lust (in my defense, is there anything sweeter?)

There have been times that I felt your presence oh so close to me - the year of 1994 when I didn't get laid at all - there was only 1 set of footprints in the sand - it was then that you carried me! But never so close since.

Ah Virginity, if you're out there, meet me for coffee at Starbucks at 4pm. Please come - I promise not to misplace you again.

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