Originally Posted: 2005-11-14 7:40am

RAVE You With Your Daughter - At Albertsons

I saw you, standing in line. I was standing one line over and 5 people back just "people watching", when you caught my eye.

You were wearing a simple business attire type of outfit. Tans, browns, matching shoes (complete with some type of gum from a child). You had a full cart - and one little girl. You were heavy set - about 40-45. You had a basic haircut and tasteful makeup. You wore no wedding ring. I can't imagine for the life of me...why.

Do you know you are my hero? Do you know that even in your hurry to get through line, home to make dinner, wash clothes, pay bills, call YOUR mom, and hunt down lunch money for your daughter - that I found you to be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen? Did you know that you touched everyone around you? Did you know that your compassion humbled me?

Your child was antsy and beginning to whine. You were doing your best to be patient. Your daughter grabbed candy off the shelf for the fifth time and you initially flashed angry. Then, your eyes softened and you hugged her instead. The look she gave you (which you did NOT/could not see)shouted volumes about who YOU really are.

That ONE act of compassion towards your child changed me. You gave me hope. You made me smile and brought a tear to my eye. Just 1 isle over from you, another mom was impatient, angry and choose to ignore HER child who was behaving much like your own. She shut out her irritations-but it was YOU who changed the world. Not her. You.

Thank you lovely lady. I don't know your name, or where you live - but I will never forget your face, and the love you showed on it for your little girl. Your daughters face glowed and in that one instant, she showed us all who the hero of the day was. It was you. Just one harried mom in a sea of frustrations (I saw your car too - it's a beater), trying to get thru all of this. You taught me that in a sea of chaos, there are still angels (dressed as average, middle aged women) who can change the world.

Thank you !!

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