Originally Posted: 2005-11-12 2:46pm

Planning to pillage? You'll need one of these!

The vikings from the Capitol One commercials may be running out of work, but that doesn't mean you can't pillage the next city over. (We suggest Redmond.)

Today only, we're giving away one very special viking hat. Ideal for the modern pillager, it is constructed from lightweight silver and gold plastic. Complete with faux gold horns and faux gold rope detailing, it makes the statement, "I have come for your grog and your goats."

As it was never worn into battle, the hat is in mint condition, free of blood and dents.

It is "one size fits most," and has ritual phrases impressed on the inside of the hat. They read, "CAUTION This is a toy not to be used as a safety helmet. Made in China. WARNING! This is a toy. Does not provide protection." Lo, be ye warned.

Available for pick up until 6 PM today. No holds.

May your pillage be plentiful and your beer in Ballard be tasty.

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