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I wish we didn't need internet dating........

Hi, everyone! I'm just leaving all of you potential friends and lovers out there a note to say that, if we all would act a little less paranoid with each other in public, then we wouldn't need to rely on this lucicrous medium to "meet"!

Really! Next time you go out for coffee or cross a parking lot, try just smiling and saying "Hello" to passing strangers. It's easy and pretty risk free. Start by practicing on people you don't really think you'd like, anyway, and so won't be risking much from rejection if they're rude. You might find that some of those people are astonishingly nice!

Then, move on to people who look more like potential friends. Warning: I have found that this method not only makes it easier to be open to fellow humans, it makes you more open to fellow humans - and less dependant on your old, a priori judgments. Yikes! (You might end up with a mate who couldn't win a Miss America contest! The upside, of course, is that you could develop a good circle of nice friends who share your interests and, as if that weren't enough, might someday set you up with your soulmate.)

p.s. You might notice that if you try to jump ahead too quickly to greeting those who inspire lust, and you haven't yet developed a real sense of confidence and friendliness, you'll get reactions that seem to indicate your approach might be being perceived as sleazy. If this happens, back up and practice some more. You'll develop a genuine quality that will change your world!

Best of luck!

Remember, you don't have to sleep with all of your opposite sex friends, so just being friendly and sociable is okay and not all that scary!

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