Originally Posted: 2005-02-05 12:41pm

Rave: Straight man searching for straight men

Straight man sees another straight man for completely straight male-on-male sex.

I'm as straight as they come. I lettered in track and basketball in college. I'm the father of two teenage boys, and the husband of an extremely attractive attorney. I attend church on Sundays, play poker at least once a month with my old navy buddies, and own a golf membership. I'm the poster child for straight men.

But sometimes, I want something a little different.

I want to meet another man who is as straight as I am -- that is, who is entirely, completely, unmistakably straight, a man who is appalled by the very thought of homoeroticism. And I want him to fuck the shit out of me. Because, really, there's nothing more masculine than taking it up the bunghole from a hung, masculine, STRAIGHT man.

I want him to pound me until I bleed. I want him to force his thick, throbbing cock down my throat. I want him to slap me around, to degrade me, to shoot his hot wad onto my face. His hot STRAIGHT wad, that is -- I don't want any lameass queer man-gravy to come anywhere near me; the very notion turns my stomach. But I NEED to experience that hot, virile, and thoroughly hetero sensation of his spooge running down my chin.

Oh, I've seen some of the pathetic straight-man-seeks-straight-man-for-blowjob ads here in CL. It is pretty obvious what is happening in those ads -- you queer knob-jockeys don't have the 'nads to admit to your gay leanings. I'm OK with that, really -- to each his own. More power to you. But I really think you would be a lot happier if you would just admit that you are queer, and get on with life.

But I'm not that way at all. I'm no queer. I'm just a normal, straight, chick-loving guy who likes to whitewash another guy's back 40 now and again. There is nothing inherently gay about two men spending an afternoon brownhatting, before going home to their wives. Sure, yes, I love playing the skinflute. Yes, I enjoy the feeling of a thick love muscle pounding into my chocolate cha-cha, now and again. But I like it in a manly, straight way, unlike you closeted, goober-smooching bungie boys.

Any takers? NO QUEERS.

this is in or around San Diego

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