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Originally Posted: 2004-05-15 6:22pm

How I effed-up a CL casual encounter

Last weekend our email server crashed. I had to go in to the datacenter on Saturday to rebuild and restore it. I double-checked everything on Sunday so that pretty much blew my whole weekend. On Monday I was in no real mood for working but had to show up. My boss was actually very happy with the restore since the executive's email was flowing. I don't normally cruise casual encounters but thought...why not, I deserve something special this Monday. I read a few post from guys and said, I can do this. I put up my post explaining how I had worked this entire weekend and would love a fun casual encounter with a woman. After sifting through about 10 guys who wanted to know if I was interested, an email caught my eye. It had a Hispanic name I didn’t recognize as M or F. Her description was definitely female "I am 5'6 dark hair, olive skin, dark eyes 125lbs very fit, tiny waistline and flat stomach. drop me a line if interested." My keyboard smoked with a reply. Several emails later I got her pic and she wasn't lying. I emailed her mine and she liked it. This was amazing. CL is just awesome. I asked her to call and SHE DID! She wasn't very familiar with San Diego so we agreed to meet near Chula Vista at a hotel. She was only free until 3 but it was plenty of time. CL is just awesome...did I type that already. I was starting to get some movement in my pants. WOW, this really does work. I jump up from my cubicle and escape out the door...without my wallet. I get down to the car and realize...shit, I don't have my wallet. I creep back into the cubicle farm. My wallet isn't in my backpack. I frantically tear apart the wallet. My heart is racing. How the hell am I going to pay for the hotel room? I am going to need ID and a credit card. I think back...wallet oh wallet where art thou? I remember going home Sunday evening, I remember a friend calling my up for some beers, I remember walking to my friend's house, I remember drinking a fair number of beers, I remember my wallet felt big against my ass, I remember taking my wallet out and putting it on the side table at my friends house, I remember going home, I remember waking up in the morning and dashing out the door...I don't remember picking up my wallet!

The girl is expecting my in 25 mins. I am in UTC which is 30 mins away. I don't have her number. My wallet is in a North County house 40 mins north which makes for a total journey of 1 hour and 20 mins to Chula Vista. And my friend is at work so there is low success of getting in the house. Shit, shit, shit.

I figure if I at least show up she might be willing to do it some other day. I drive down like a madman, find the hotel, and pull into the parking lot with 2 mins to spare. Right on time, she pulls in...she looks like her am such a looser.

I walk over with a big smile and say hi. She tells me she is very nervous and I explain that I am also. I then try to explain the wallet situation. I am getting weird looks. I explain and ask her to reconsider for later. Nope, she has a 3 PM appointment she can’t get out of. I ask her about Tuesday and she says she will think about it. Her eyes dart to the keys, she starts up the car, and books out of the parking lot.

I go to my back to work...type her an apologetic email...her email response wasn't pretty. "You must be some sort of weird picture collector. What kind of idiot can't find their wallet? I don't think I can go through with this. I am sorry."

Well, that kind of idiot was me. I found my wallet so any W interested in a casual encounter, feel free to email me. I am 32 white male, in shape, short brown hair, 6ft2, 195lbs, nice smile, blue eyes looking for some NSA fun anytime from noon until 4PM. I am not a pushy jerk and have pics and phone number available. I really want to play hooky from work some time next week after working that entire weekend.

As always...Please no men or professionals.

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