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Originally Posted: 2004-10-19 11:32am


1. You had it made custom? Fantastic. But remember it was custom made for your dreams, not mine.

2. You paid $10,000 for your sofa? If I was even considering a $5000 "half off" used designer sofa, would I be on CL looking for it? No. If I was going to drop $5K on a sofa, I'd want a fresh one.

3. You are not doing me a favor by selling me anything. I am doing you a favor by purchasing your used goods. If I get a good deal and I actually like it, we're doing one another a favor.

4. I don't care how much you capitalize TRUST ME I KNOW - I do not belive you "know quality furniture and this is a great piece." I don't care. I'm on craigslist because I want a cheap couch that doesn't smell and won't embarass me.

5. You want me to come over pay you, then wait till your move out date to pick up the furniture? F- You. Someone actually wouldn't take their asking price because I wanted to come get the furniture the day I saw it on CL. Don't post until you're ready to part with it.

6. Photos, people. Even if you don't have a digital camera, I guarantee you know someone who does. Borrow it. Furniture with photos sells so much faster.

7. That "beautiful solid oak dining suite?" with the white and oak chairs and "hand lathed legs" Yeah, that's from Ikea and it's 149 for the set there, not 500 OBO.

8. How nice something is "like Pottery Barn". Just because Busvans is closed doesn't mean we don't remember their stuff looked the same and cost half. Don't make a profit on a 3 year old sofa. That makes you a creep. And you'll be the one complaining becuase someone didn't show up to look at your no photo poorly descibed overpriced sofa in Mesa or Apache Junction.

9. Again I repeat - people who are looking for swanky stuff that's NOT actual Eames (not eames like or eames era) or other concrete collectible furniture are NOT shopping CL. Sell me a couch for 400 or less, chairs are 250 or less, if you're willing to deliver, I can see paying a touch extra.

10. Futons really need to be out of furniture and in their own separate category. Futons do nothing but muck up these listings.

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