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you made me wet like the cellar in a cat lady's house - w4m

I saw you on the street around SW 6th and Jackson Thursday evening. You sported brown curly hair and a yellow Corona shirt. I was wearing a rainbow hoodie, and I looked like hell from a night of drinking and torpidly playing Super Marioworld in a 4am fit of nostalgia. I am sure that if I had been afforded beforehand the opportunities of proper makeup application and a new set of hooters, I would have been able to catch your eye. It was like the one time I saw a delicious hipster purchasing Jagermeister in a liquor store while I was unshowered and looking like a homeless teenager, except this time I wasn't holding four shopping bags full of beer cans. I didn't actually drink all that beer myself, if you're thinking I'm not a classy lady. I got them from the communal dumpster in my apartment complex after the college kids had finished with their Friday night binging. I'm a firm believer in recycling and discounted booze, you see. But I digress. This story isn't about me; it's about my wants.

I had entered the convenience store to purchase a particular flavor of Vitamin Water advertised in the window, which was not in stock. Because I'm a girl who'll try anything once, I instead grabbed a bottle of Strawberry-key-lime Visoda. Its sleek bottle promised to be full of vitamins, flavor, and the ability to make me a more attractive person by association. The clerk had two of his whelps with him, one of whom was screaming "You're cute!" at the girl in line ahead of me. She gave me the raspberry. I gave her father a dollar fifty and made myself laugh. I fucking hate kids. I walked out, opened my drink, and watched as you walked across my path.

Your skin looked so fair and soft I could have licked Corona off it and not complained about the piss taste. Your hair was the clincher. I see curly hair and want to run my hands through it and pull it out in chunks. I took a swig of my drink and stared at the way your fashionable jeans lightly clung to your well-toned ass as the older guy with the toddler stared back at me. I thought about following you into an alley, but I did a half-assed job of shaving my snatch this morning, and first impressions are everything. I watched you until my long-expired contact lense prescription would allow me to watch you no more. My drink tasted like crap.

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