Originally Posted: 2005-05-02 9:16am

Rave: Living

The last call I received this morning before ending my shift was from a man who had come home to find his girlfriend passed out and not breathing. His mind, emotions, spirit were understandably experiencing the largest invasion ever. Once reassured, he was focused and diligent in his attempts to help the woman he loved. He was remarkable in his efforts, likely the best I have coached through such a situation in 8 years, unfortunately I didnt have a chance to tell him that. I dont know how this story ended, we rarely do, but I prayed the entire drive home that this woman would survive.

Obviously, it was difficult to fall asleep once I got home. I burnt some of the adrenaline by cleaning my youngest daughters' bedroom until it was time to wake them for school.

The little rave comes in here:

I begin to wake my girls. My youngest had hit her head on the table the night before while trying to experience what it was like to be blind (lesson learned) so as I stretched her awake, she opened her eyes slightly lifting her brow and cried out in pain (obviously a bruise from cracking the table), then she laughed (likely remembering how it happened), and the more she laughed the more her eyebrow raised.... you get the idea.

After the morning routine we are on our way to the school:

I have noticed several times a man who waits at the bus stop along the way, and have developed a huge respect for this stranger. He appears to be a single dad, always has his toddler son snuggled close, and obviously has a less than convenient schedule as he rushes for the bus. However, he radiates contentment. This morning, his son was dressed in a great tigger meets flintstones orange with black animal striped shirt (had to love it) covered with overalls all cradled close to dad's chest in a snuggle wrap, accented by matching father-son star trek'es kinda sunglasses on. I admire the fact that this man who likely has a tremendous list of things to pack each morning as he heads out, doesnt forget this little detail..the one that will make his son feel 'like dad' for the rest of the day.

The roses began to bud this morning... have you checked yours?

We all have things to bitch about, things we would like to change or have changed for us... but we are all blessed... most of us far more than we take the time to acknowledge.

Savor your day.

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