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Originally Posted: 2005-03-21 8:37am

I bet you want your shit back

Hey ass pipe, did you find that you were missing a few things this morning? Yeah? Hey, that's a real shame. This is from the guy who's house and shop you broke into on Saturday. This is also the guy who found out who you are, where you live and took his things back on Sunday night, plus I took a big wet bite out of your possessions too. How does it feel fuck face? I bet your wondering how the hell I found out so fast and also how I know you would be on CL today. Well, how I found you is easy, any, and I do mean ANY tweeker would give up his or her own Mother for a hundred bucks, probably less, but I wanted to make sure I got ALL the info. How I know your on here all the time is that I now have your laptop. You needed to update this junker anyway. I also swiped the video of you shoving that pathetic little pecker of your in your girlfriend. I do have to give credit to her though, she sucks a mean dick. If you want some of your things back, send her on over. For each load of mine she swallows, takes in the eye or her hair, you can have one thing back. You two talk amongst yourselves, I'll be out riding my new dirt bike. Okay...I feel bad about wiping you out, so here is what I am going to do, I am going to give you a little tip, here it is. If you ever plan on breaking into a guys house and you find out that he does for a living, the same thing that I do for a living....don't do it, just move on to the next house. In that house the guy will shit in his pants and call the police. The police will act like there writing some shit down and he will never see his stuff again, because cops don't care unless there is something in it for them. I should also mention to you how lucky you are that this was not ten years ago. I'm a great big pussy now, back then you would be breathing dirt by now. I probably don't need to tell you that though, do I? You've got SOME big balls ripping me off, I'll give you that, but FUCK, are you stupid. Let me know if I missed anything at your place you think I might like. Well, at least now you know why I left your desktop computer. If you truly have the balls I think you do, and you REALLY want your stuff back, then you need to come have a chat with me. No...I am not planning on killing you, if I wanted that it would have already happened. I do want to get things straight between you and I. You can have your things back, I am not a thief. As you know, I have done enough horror in my life that I do not need to add thief to the ever growing list. Come by tonight to get your things, come alone or there WILL be a problem. Also, do NOT get all cranked up before coming over. I hate that fucking shit, and I want you clear headed so that what I tell you soaks in. Be at my place at 8:00 PM tonight. this is in or around hahatoyou

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