Originally Posted: 2004-11-11 5:04pm

I don’t want go on an Interview date at Starbucks

I refuse to go on anther interview date. This is when you meet your prospective Craig’s List companion usually at Starbucks and get buzzed on coffee no less while your new found Craig’s List connection grills you about your past and present life. I always have the feeling that I must answer all the questions correctly or I wont pass the audition.

No details are too personal. Have you ever been married if so how many times? The one I hate the most is “What happened to your previous marriage” like it was a car accident or train wreck and we can somehow identify what or who derailed the marriage.

I can remember trying honestly to answer this question a number of times and as I open my mouth to my amazement a different answer comes out each time. So to be perfectly honest I really don’t fucking know what happened its done and over and I really don’t want to try to make sense out of something that I didn’t even understand at the time.

The main reason for the interview date is because the woman usually wants to determine if you have a “Jack the ripper” or “Ted Bundy” personality. I hate to add to your paranoia but if you did date Ted Bundy you most likely wouldn’t know until it was too late. People like that are very good at concealing the monster within. But just for your satisfaction it’s not me.

Then there is the sex thing. A lot of women want you to swear to God above that you really want to bond as friends first and sex is just a fringe benefit that is somewhere off in the future. Of course like all men I swear to God and agree. I also buy Playboy magazines just for the articles. (You know those Playboy articles are sooo good.)

With some women your word is not enough you need to somehow demonstrate that you will not throw her on the floor, rip off her clothes and insert your oversized organ against her will. Strangely most of the women my age that I have met who have this fear I wouldn’t want to fuck anyway.

The weight thing is very easy. The women who are HWP or height weight proportionate will say so in their ad because it’s a selling feature. Most women who are not HWP will not say anything about weight in their ad their emails or on the phone and unless you have a lot of balls don’t ask. You don’t need to ask because you already know the answer. If a woman is not over weight and looks good she will tell you.

I really would like to have a date with a woman and watch a good movie, go for a bike ride, share a good meal, go for a drive, throw rocks in the river, walk in the rain, people watch at the mall, stare at the moon anything but go to an interview at Starbucks.

this is in or around Portland Oregon

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