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favorite this post To the black jeep on Water Ave: what are you so alarmed for?

To the black jeep on Water Ave,

I'm not quite so sure really why you're convinced that the garbage men and motorcycles and trucks and passing helicopters are all out to steal your car stereo, but I can assure you they're not.

I stopped the garbage men last Friday morning - I can always tell when they come by because, well, of the alarm and all. They said they don't want your car stereo and they promised not to take it. They said they don't think the recycle guys want it either.

I talked to a guy with a motorcycle riding down Barbur, and he was actually unaware that you had a car stereo. He said people in jeeps usually have crappy stereos, and if were going to steal one, it would probably be from the Volvo up the street.

Your alarm at passing helicopters I can kind of see, since they could potentially land, take your stereo quickly, and then fly away. I tried to flag one down to ask, but they wouldn't land, so I think probably the chance of them stealing your stereo is pretty slim. Plus I think the neighbor's dogs might bark at them since helicopters don't usually land on our street, which would alert you anyways.

I tried to ask a truck driver, but he just wanted my number, so I don't think I got a very good answer from him. He did, however, appear to already have his own stereo in his cab, so that's where that is.

So, since none of these people seem to want your car stereo, do you think that maybe you could please adjust your alarm so that it doesn't go off for all these people? Not that it's not a nice alarm or anything, I just kind of like to sleep and stuff.


Your neighbor.

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