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Originally Posted: 2003-08-04 12:09pm

Dishwasher with mysterious past looking for new home

When I moved into my new home that I recently bought, there was a dishwasher in the kitchen. While I assumed that it was hooked up, I realized later that it was not. To hook it up, I would have to drill holes through the cabinet to get to the sink. This, I think, is too much of a pain, and, so I am looking to find this dishwasher a new home. I don't know if it works or not, although it appears to be in decent condition - but I've never hooked it up.

As far as features, well, let's see. If you like the wood look, you are in luck today, my friend, as this charming dishwasher is topped by the lovely wood finish that graces the walls of many elegant homes and the sides of old station wagons. The color of the rest of the dishwasher is a lovely black reminiscent of the velvety texture of the midnight sky. The face plate that presumably used to cover the front-bottom of the dishwasher (where schematics are displayed) is missing - a great opportunity to be creative!

In any case, if you would like to give this mysterious dishwasher a new home, please contact me. I am looking to trade it for something. Following is a partial list of things I would be willing to trade the dishwasher for.

A case of beer, preferably amber or pale ale
Three four-packs of AA batteries
World peace
A pair of nice high heels, red, size 7 1/2
A large bouquet of colorful flowers
A bottle of red wine from Rabbit Ridge
A large outdoor potted plant
A pair of boxing gloves
4 avocados, a bag of spinach, and some cherry tomatoes

I will also take suggestions as to trades.

In any case, you gotta haul it yourself, please email me if you're interested.

Cheers, G

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