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Originally Posted: 2003-07-22 1:53am

Hypodermic Needle...

How is it that you wound up on my block? Normally you are such a home body. If I do see you out, it is usually underneath the Burnside Bridge ramp. But No! There you were on the corner looking up at me putting a little unease into my day. What were you filled with, Insulin? Heroin with a touch of HIV? I didn't pick you up when I had the chance. Maybe it was fear. Maybe it was that I wasn't ready for you. My only hope is that you have found a good home tonight. Hopefully none of the area high school kids picked you up. I hate to think what you would do with such an inexperienced person. Hypodermic Needle, I run into someone like you so rarely. None of my friends hang out with you. You are kinda, you know, from the wrong side of the "tracks."(HAHA Get it???) I wonder if one of the many junky couples in and around Chinatown is missing you tonight? Those junky couples stick together through thick and thin. They yell and fight on the MAX and at the Skidmore Fountain stop, but sure as the sun and the sky, they will be right back together the next day. You love the junky couples don't you Hypodermic Needle. They give to you a home even though they have none. What grace. They save their state checks and instead of getting a new tatoo or another tooth pulled they fill you up and spend the whole day with you. So why have you suffered this fate Hypodermic Needle? What has lead you to take up residence on my corner? You are sitting there all alone tonight. Seems such a shame. Hope things get better for you.

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