Originally Posted: 2003-06-23 9:58pm

Thank you, Tri-Met

Thank you, Tri-Met. Or, more specifically, thank you driver of Bus #1802 on the 52 route this morning.

I first noticed you when I stepped onto the bus, the way you sullenly glared at the water that dripped off of me onto the grimy floor, a surprise gift that I recieved from you when you stopped to quickly at the curb I was was waiting at, causing the rather large gutter mud puttle to splash all over me. I'm certain you did this to show how helpful you hoped to be with today's Tri-met experience.

When you asked me for another piece of ID to prove that the bus pass I had from work (already with a very clear picture of me on it) was mine, I thought you were just too shy to ask my name.

But then, your shyness took a dire turn. There was construction near Hall this morning, blocking the normal stop that I disembark at. However, right after this stop, there is a little "Temporary Bus Stop" sign, authorized by Tri-Met. I pulled the cord while the bus was waiting in traffic at Hall, signifying that I would like to get off at the "Temporary Bus Stop." However, you, in what I am certain must have been your attempt to make a connection with me (because I know that there's no other reason that you would intentionally ignore or forget a labelled bus stop), refused to stop the bus. You drove right past the stop, and even changed lanes so that the bus was no longer at the edge of the road. You must have thought you were quite crafty, finding a way that you could keep me near you a few minutes longer. You knew that it would be illegal for me to get off the bus in the middle of traffic.

You didn't actually stop the bus until we got to Beaverton Transit Center, approximately a mile walk from my originally intended destination. And then, after all this trouble, did you even apologize for taking me so far out of my way? No, that would have not seemed manly, and I guess you must have assumed that I would like you more if you completely ignored me and my needs.

I'll have you know that in your CLEAR, though failed, attempt to connect with me, I missed my connection to another bus.


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