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Originally Posted: 2003-06-19 2:56pm

To the guys who responded to boob fairy

I just wanted to take the time to thank you. I always enjoy getting massive amounts of email with messages saying.. "let me squeeze, fondle, pinch, slobber etc all over your breasts.. Guaranteed to loose 3 cup sizes..bla bla bla" No really stuff like that gets me hot and makes me want to meet you... If I want to get mauled I will let a wild animal attack me, it definitly won't be you. And to the select gentlemen who decided that a picture of their penis inserted between another woman's breasts with the caption of "These could be yours" would make me write back to them...I have a question.. Has this tactic ever worked for you before? It sure doesn't get my fire started.
I am tired of all the guys who want to talk to my breasts and not me. Look up and meet my eyes, it will get you a lot farther then staring my tits. How would you like it if I leaned over and talked to your crotch? Wait scratch that you might get ideas that I want to do something else. Just show some respect and you might get some dates.

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