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Originally Posted: 2003-06-11 4:50am

I need you Art Institute financial aid pamphlet girl

My name is Christopher and I recently enrolled at the Art Institute of Portland, and among the paperwork for orientation was a small booklet entitled 'A Guide to financing your Education'. On page three of this publication was a picture of a gorgeous black-haired girlstanding in front of an elevator with a red shirt, a septum and labraie piercing, and a Levis buckle with black pants. She is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.If the picture were printed 2 inches to the right she would have been a centerfold. I have turned into a blubbering idiot ever since. Does anyone know this girl? Does she wear astronaut pants? Are they made of asbestos? Are her feet tired? Did it hurt when she fell from heaven? Would she have a drink with me sometime? Does she believe that robots steal old peoples medicine? Love at first sight? That the teletubbies are alien invaders bent on world conquest armed with radioactive belly rays of death? Is your favorite color clear? Is world peace achievable through the kama sutra?
I love you financial-aid-pamphlet-girl. More than any other financial-aid-pamphlet-girl I've ever known. My Ex- financial-aid-pamphlet-girl will get jealous but I don't care. Love needs no financial aid.(God thats stupid, er I mean sweet)

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