Originally Posted: 2005-12-07 10:46pm

Hot girls = bad bad bad bad

I'm not dating a hot girl anymore. In two senses:

1.)I broke up with my attractive girlfriend. 2.)I've decided not to date a hot girl again.


Dating a hot girl is great, since you're constantly thinking about having sex with her, and you get to. It's really fantastic. BUT!! (and this is a big BUT) it comes at a cost. Gather 'round, children.

Girls are like starving jackals when it comes to complements. Complement them on their shoes, and they'll stave off complement starvation for a little bit....but they'll need to feed again. Soon. Hot girls are the fat jackals that get food tossed to them. They go through their day being admired, stared at, and complemented for everything they do from buying a bagel to passing gas ("Dude, that hot girl farted." "AWESOME!") so they begin to define themselves by their hotness. Because they're validated so regularly, hot girls get a self-esteem defined by others, and a sense of entitlement that could match your average NBA player.

Not-as-hot girls don't have this problem. They learn to validate themselves through their own self confidence and self worth. A complement here and there is nice, but they are the fit, scavenging complement jackals that can make it through a harsh winter without any "Hey you're hot"'s.

So, less-than-totally-hot girls of the world unite. I am going to date you. Like, uh, even more than before.

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