Originally Posted: 2005-11-14 11:00pm

Things you do for your dog when you love her

You take her on walks and you buy her a nice soft bed to sleep on. You take her with you when you move to new places and you refuse to move to a place that won't allow you to have her. You spay her and you vaccinate her and you give her treats and tell her she's a very good girl. You don't hate her when she chews the side of the wall or throws up on the rug or farts in front of your friends.

But most of all, when your sister comes to visit and leaves a tampon in the bathroom wastebasket and your dog surreptitiously eats it, and then two weeks later you see this white thing sticking out of her butt, and you look closer and oddly enough it's a string and it seems to be stuck, and you get a paper towel and slowly you start to pull as she wiggles, and with growing horror you realize what has made its way through your dog's digestive system...well, what you do when you love your dog is you grit your teeth, sigh, and carry on.

Also, you buy one of those garbage pails with a pop-up lid on it.

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